Tanach Shiurim in Jerusalem

Tanach shiurim JerusalemCongregation "Masuat Shalom" is a young community in Yerushalayim, with about eighty families. After recently constructing the Beit Kenesset, the community has set itself the aim of opening itself as a center of Torah and prayer to the general public in the neighborhood.

In order to work towards this goal, the community has initiated regular Tanach Shiurim that are open to the observant and non-observant members of the vicinity.

Under the leadership alumnus Hagai Bartov (מחזור י"ז) and in partnership with CTL, the community has already hosted Shiurim by numerous members of staff from Yeshivat Har Etzion and Herzog College, attracting observant and non-observant neighbors alike.

Setting out his goals, Hagai Bartov stated, "We hope that learning Torah in this format will bring diverse members of our community together and we hope that will be an example other communities in the country."

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