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 Shavuot 5767


     Rav Moshe Taragin will be in New York for Shavuot.


Shavuot - Wednesday May 23rd


Rav Taragin will be giving shiurim at Ohab Zedek Congregation - 118 W. 95th Street.


12:00 am - The keynote lecture will be on "The Divine Will and the Human Heart: Reconciling Religion and Humanism".


2:30 am - Shiur on "Fear and Love: Discriminating the Twin Pillars of Religious Passion".


6:00 pm - Shiur on "Perspectives on Megilat Rut" in the promenade -  91st Street at Riverside Park 


7:00 pm - Shiur on "A Religious Response to Fundamentalism and Terror" ( Main Sanctuary)


Yom Tov Sheni - Thursday May 24th

7:00 pm - Shiur on "Divine Redemption and Secular Zionism (Main Sanctuary)


8:25 pm - Shiur on "Recent Challenges of Geulah" (Main Sanctuary)


Shabbat May 27 (Parashat Naso)


Rav Taragin will be Scholar-in-Residence in Engelwood, NJ (Cong. Ahavath Torah - Rabbi Shmuel Goldin). For more information, contact David Goldfischer 646-522-0687 or