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 Shavuot 5767





JobKatif JobKatif is an organization founded by Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon, Ram in the Yeshiva and Rav in Alon Shevut Darom, to help find employment for Gush Katif evacuees. A voluntary organization, Job Katif helps place individuals in new jobs, offers professional training, helps open new businesses, and provides career counseling when necessary.  Their website connects employers with those looking for jobs. The goal is to help people get back on their feet and become reintegrated into the work force. Until now, JobKatif has helped start eighty new businesses and find jobs for five hundred individuals. Despite this, 1,200 people who lost their source of employment as a result of the disengagement, are still seeking jobs. "I am grateful to Hashem for the privilege to be with these people and help them help themselves, says Rav Rimon, who took a sabbatical from the Yeshiva in order to devote himself to this endeavor, among his many other pursuits. "They are wonderful people, with an amazing spirit and high morale."


For more details and to help:  0722-127-125 or