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 Shavuot 5767



Rav Mordechai Breuer zt"l (1921-February 24, 2007)


The Yeshiva mourns the passing of Rav Mordechai Breuer zt"l - one of the leading Bible scholars, exegetes and educators of our generation -  and extends condolences to his family.


Veteran Herzog College faculty member, Rav Mordechai Breuer zt"l was renowned for his unique approach to Tanach, in which the text is analyzed as a composite work reflecting the multiple attributes of its divine author (Shitat HaBechinot). Over the course of time, he gathered a large and faithful following, composed of his students in the many institutions where he taught. His unique method of Biblical interpretation was presented in his published articles and books, among which are methodological studies which elucidate the approach itself as well as textual studies in which the method is applied to specific Biblical passages.


The first collection of Rav Breuer's studies was published in Pirkei Mo'adot, containing 28 studies devoted to matters of Torah and Halacha and following the cycle of the Jewish year. The second two-volume work, published by Tevunot Press of the Herzog College, is devoted to the book of Bereshit. The 44 studies constitute a comprehensive and systematic commentary on the first book of the Torah.


Rav Breuer was one of the leading contemporary Bible scholars, whose magnum opus remains his edition of the Hebrew Bible. He served as an assistant editor and advisor for the multi-volume Da’at Mikra Bible commentary. The introduction to each volume also contains a section by Rav Breuer discussing textual variants.

Rav Breuer, great grandson of Rav Samson Raphael Hirsch, was awarded an honorary doctorate from Hebrew University and was recipient of the Israel Prize in 1999 for original Torah research. He died on Shabbat Parshat Teruma and the levaya took place in Jerusalem on the 7th of Adar.