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 Elul 5767


 Summer Study Days in Tanach - Three Days of "Spiritual Bliss"





Over 2,400 people - men and women, young and old, religious and secular, from throughout Israel and abroad - attended this year's Summer Study Days in Tanach, held at the Yeshiva July 16th-19th, in memory of Harav Mordechai Breuer z"l. The first three days included a choice of 120 shiurim on all books of Tanach, Pedagogical Topics, Parshanut, Language and Tradition, Shemitta and Yovel, and other topics. Special shiurim focusing on Harav Breuer's unique derech limmud were given by Rav Avraham Shamah, Rav Yoel Bin-Nun, Rav Dr. Avraham Walfish, Dr. Yonatan Jacobs and by Rav Breuer's children, Dr. Yochanan Breuer and Dr. Elisheva Hacohen. The fourth day of the Yemei Iyun offered a choice of 11 Tanach-based tiyulim throughout the country - In the Footsteps of Yirmiyahu, In the Footsteps of Yehoshua, Ir David - New Excavations, etc. We are happy to share with you highlights of the Yemei Iyun - right click here to downoad.  


Barbara Kessel from Edison, NJ, Director of Administration at the Board of Jewish Education of Greater NY and author of Suddenly Jewish: Jews Raised as Gentiles Discover their Jewish Roots traveled to Israel especially to attend the Yemei Iyun B'Tanach. She explains that her brother Ed Baras (whose sons, Yehoshua, David and Dani, studied at the Gush) and his wife, Sondra, from Neve Aliza, have been attending the Yemei Iyun since their inception and every year they encourage her to attend. So this year, she decided she was not going to miss the opportunity. "It was everything I could have hoped for," she says. "The classes were spectacular. I knew I would enjoy Rav Samet's classes, for example, because I heard him once before, but Nili Samet was just as enjoyable. I was so impressed by the caliber of the younger speakers, and I felt privileged to be taught by some of the more senior staff. As soon as I returned to America, I brought my notes to Shabbos lunch and shared some of what I had heard with my friends. Now they want to come with me next year! I brought back three CDs and have begun listening to them, to extend the pleasure and the learning. I am grateful beyond words for the experience of a lifetime. Shana Tova!"


Another participant commented, "I felt uplifted during these days from the richness and depth of content of the exhilarating and innovative shiurim.  I was amazed by the organization and attention to every detail, from parking to distribution of source sheets, to refreshments and lunch, and all the technical details."


Other comments were: "The Yemei Iyun enable me to re-fuel for the whole year." "It was an unparalleled spiritual and intellectual experience…too bad it can't be every day." "The Yemei Iyun were three days of spiritual bliss." "Every year, the Yemei Iyun succeed in surpassing my expectations." "It gets better and better each year." "A unique and awesome experience - wonderfully-organized; it was a pleasure to see so many thousands of people gathering to learn Torah with such joy and excitement." 

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