Garinei Ayala

CTL is proud to support "Garinei Ayala", an educational initiative of Migdal Oz alumna Tamar (Manzura) Gigi (MO 5766)

Garinei Ayala 2012 pic1Garinei Ayala aim to provide key skills and support for 16-18 year-old girls from weak socio-economic backgrounds who do not belong do any youth movement or framework. The aim of Garinei Ayala is to enrich the lives of its participants and guide them through some of the most challenging years of adolescence, so that they should lead more meaningful and independent lives, whilst taking responsibility for themselves and their surroundings.

Today, there are four branches in three cities –Bat Yam, Yehud and Chadera. There are plans in place for a total of 15 branches next year!

Garinei Ayala work on three levels in order to achieve these goals:

1) Educational – Many of the participants are at risk of not completing the academic requirements of High-School. In order to combat this risk, each participant receives private tuition at home for the school subjects they find challenging, from one of the group leaders, who works in cooperation and coordination with the participant's school teachers.

2) Personal Dream – Each participant receives professional training in a field she has a personal interest in, as part of a year-long course. Whereas the participants' natural environments limit them, Garinei Ayala encourage them to broaden their horizons, believe in themselves and work towards a personal dream. At the conclusion of the training, participants are encouraged and guided to continue pursuing their field of interest.

3) Social Action – Once a week, the group meets to think out and plan a social initiative. These weekly meetings and the resultant projects form the basis and framework of the group, based on the belief that giving leads to personal and group development. These initiatives also provide a framework for the participants to discuss and tackle the issues they face as youth at risk.

Garinei Ayala 2012 pic2The annual highlights for the participants are the National events, which bring together all the groups from around the country. These events provide an opportunity for alumnae of the Garinim to give back and inspire the current participants. The annual Shabbatonim allow the participants to broaden their spiritual horizons and develop their religious outlook, through Tefillot, Zemirot, Tishim and Divrei Torah.

Garinei Ayala have experienced outstanding successes and the significant benefits of each of their levels of activity. As a young project, Garinei Ayala have not witnessed the long-term benefits of their work, but are excited and take pride in the continued development of their alumnae and are excited to see the long-term fruits of their labors. As one participant summarized her experience:

"On a personal level, Garinei Ayala improved my self-confidence, increased my ambition and desire not to give up on my dreams, even if it depends of hard work and giving up on other things. Garinei Ayala made me understand that consistence and accepting responsibility lead to greater successes and achievements than I ever imagined".


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