Chotam Summer Beit Midrash Program


Dr Yael Ziegler giving chotam shiur2

The Chotam Summer Beit Midrash Program for Women, under the auspices of Rav Yosef Tzvi Rimon is located in the Sephardi Shul of Alon Shevut. The program received a significant boost from Migdal Oz students and alumnae who, as part of a CTL Fellowship, learnt full-time in the Beit Midrash. 

The CTL Fellows strengthened the Beit Midrash with their presence, assisted other participants in preparing for the shiurim and helped youngsters in the Chotam Youth Learning Program. 

The coordinators of the Chotam Beit Midrash Program commented that: 

“It was amazing what a difference these young ladies made in raising the level of the learning and in the help they provided to the other members of the beit medrash. In addition, they greatly enhanced the davening in the youth program while forging a warm kesher with the children. We look forward to this spiritual and educational infusion provided by CTL in the years to come”. 

Have a look at the impressive shiur schedule and pictures below!


Chotam schedule 2014web


Rav Shuki Reiss giving shiur2   talmidot chotam enjoying the shiur2