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Start the New Year with Wisom from Moreinu HaRAL zt"l 


Return and Renewal: Reflections on Teshuva and Spiritual Growth

RALichtenstein Return and Renewal new book web






Harav Aharon Lichtenstein ztlKEDUSHAT AVIV is the latest in a series of Torah Literature by Harav Aharon Lichtenstein zt"l, this one on the subject of holiness. Harav worked on this sefer in his lifetime, and it was completed posthumously by incorporating manuscripts and recordings of his lessons.  

What is the nature of holiness? What is theKedushat Aviv difference between the sanctity of Shabbat and the sanctity of Yom Tov? What is the connection between the sanctity of the Land of Israel and Jerusalem? The Temple and the Holy of Holies? How is holiness created and how is it uprooted?

Click here to see the Table of Contents, a sample chapter, as well as a serious and insightful review by Rav Elyakim Krumbein.  CLICK HERE TO ORDER TODAY!

judaism encounter RAL

AND NOW this classic book, newly reissued,
contains Harav Aharon Lichtenstein's definitive
100-page essay
on Torah and general culture.

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 RYA ResiseiTal2flyer web

 RAL mussar aviv overseas


For Additional Books in Hebrew



RCSabato RAL SeekingHisPresence webConversations with Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
by Chaim Sabato

Among the topics addressed in the book are the religious experience of Torah study, the relationship to universal and humanist ideals, attitudes to Zionism and the State of Israel, feminism and Torah study for women, relationships with the secular community, and the renewal of Jewish law in the Jewish state.

Translation of Mevakshei Panekha.

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rya when god is near icontabory the weekly mitzva 3d iconWhen God is Near: Bringing together Harav Yehuda Amital zt"l’s wisdom, sensitivity, humanity, and uncompromising search for truth, this volume guides readers on the path to sincere prayer and true repentance. Click here to read Table of Contents and Sample Chapter. Read a review by Har Etzion alumnus Rav Ari Kahn.   

The Weekly Mitzva
enables readers to bring Rav Binyamin Tabory’s special Torah to their own Shabbat table discussions. Click here to read Table of Contents and Sample Chapter. Click here to read review by Rav David Brofsky.
                     For more information see Koren's website
Nachum Segal interviews Rabbi Reuven Ziegler on Rabbi Yehuda Amital’s “When God Is Near: On the High Holidays”:
Sefer by Harav Aharon Lichtenstein
Click here to read a sample chapter?
Read a review by Dr. Aviad HaCohen.
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Torah MiEtzion: New Readings in Tanach - Bemidbar

The Torah MiEtzion series can be purchased from Koren Publishers or via the Yeshiva.

We are happy to announce the publication
of the fifth and final volume of the Torah MiEtzion series.

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TME bemidbar-icon
Torah MiEtzion: New Readings in Tanach - Bemidbar
ed. Rav Ezra Bick and Rav Yaakov Beasley
This is the final volume of the five volume series on the Torah, presenting a selection of shiurim given on the parasha by different lecturers, all of whom are connected in one way or another with Yeshivat Har Etzion. Most of these articles originally appeared as part of the Parsha series of the Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash, which has been appearing for the last twenty years and is disseminated over the internet. But the impetus for publication is not merely a desire to repackage a successful and interesting series of shiurim. The VBM series has managed to be itself the catalyst for the written expression of a body of work, from different authors, which represents a distinct approach to parshanut HaTorah, one which has been developing over the last forty years in the Yeshiva and its affiliated Herzog Teacher’s College, and which today is the most vibrant and influential school of modern commentary and interpretation of the Biblical text within the Torah world.  Table of Contents.
Torah MiEtzion: New Readings in Tanach - Vayikra
ed. Rav Ezra Bick and Rav Yaakov Beasley

This is the fourth volume of the five volume series on the Torah.



Koren_TM_5-webTorah MiEtzion: New Readings in Tanach - Devarim
ed. Rav Ezra Bick and Rav Yaakov Beasley


This is the third volume of the five volume series on the Torah.

Table of Contents.


Torah_MiEtzion_Shemot_cover-webTorah MiEtzion: New Readings in Tanach - Shemot   
ed. Rav Ezra Bick and Rav Yaakov Beasley


This is the second volume of the five volume series on the Torah.

Table of Contents.



Torah MiEtzion New Readings in Tanach - Bereshit, by Yeshivat Har Etzion
TorahMiEtzion160x106Torah MiEtzion presents original, insightful essays on the Bible by the rabbis of Yeshivat Har Etzion, one of today’s most vibrant and influential schools of modern biblical interpretation. Since its founding in Israel in 1968, Yeshivat Har Etzion has emphasized Bible study alongside Talmud study in order to foster what its founder, Rav Yehuda Amital z”l, called an “organic understanding” of Torah and Torah philosophy. The result has been the development of a unique, analytically rigorous, creative, interpretive method that is infused with a profound quest for meaning. This first volume of Torah MiEtzion, which examines the Torah portions of the Book of Bereshit, includes essays by Rabbis Aharon Lichtenstein, Menachem Leibtag, Chanoch Waxman, Yoel Bin-Nun, Elchanan Samet, Yonatan Grossman, Yaakov Medan and other leading scholars. Table of Contents.


To read a review by Rabbi Shalom Z. Berger Ed. D '77, Director E-Communities of the Lookstein Center of Bar Ilan University



Varieties of Jewish Experience, by Rav Aharon Lichtenstein


Varieties160x106Rosh HaYeshiva Harav Aharon Lichtenstein addresses crucial issues facing contemporary Jews – including spirituality, marriage, fear of Heaven, egalitarianism, philanthropy, Religious Zionism and inter-denominational relations – with his characteristic blend of depth, scope, erudition, eloquence, and profound moral and religious sensitivity. Table of Contents


To read a review


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Hard cover


Rav Aharon Lichtenstein’s Varieties of Jewish Experience is now available in ISRAEL: Enter coupon code “vbm” for the discounted price of 97 NIS (regular price 125 NIS), or call 02-538-6936.



Majesty and Humility: The Thought of Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik, by Rabbi Reuven Ziegler (YHE ’86)


Majesty-webRabbi Joseph Soloveitchik was not only one of the outstanding Talmudists and religious leaders of the twentieth century, but also one of its most creative and seminal Jewish thinkers. This comprehensive study analyzes Rav Soloveitchik's writings in an accessible and engaging manner, thereby uncovering the depth, majesty and fascination of his thought. The first half of the book is based on a VBM course and the second half is all new (contents here).


 To read a review by the OU. To read a review by Jewish Philosophy lecturer Charles M. Raffel


To read Harav Aharon Lichtenstein’s preface to the book, click here.


Available worldwide on Amazon.  In Israel, free shipping from Urim


Listen to the book launch at Yeshiva University featuring Rabbi Michael Rosensweig, Rabbi Jacob J. Schacter, Dr. David Shatz and Rabbi Reuven Ziegler.


Halakhic Morality RJBSHalakhic Morality: Essays on Ethics and Masoah, by Rav Yosef Dov Halevi Soloveitchik. 

Essays on a variety of related themes, including charity and fellowship, law and ethics, styles of religious observance, and the centrality of humility in Jewish life. Maggid Books is honored to bring these hitherto unpublished essays to a long-awaiting public. See Koren Publishers. 






Ruth: From Alienation to Monarchy, by Dr.Yael Ziegler

ruth ziegler2D160In this fluent and penetrating study of the Book of Ruth, Yael Ziegler provides a masterful primer on how to read biblical narratives with sensitivity and depth, using recent methodological breakthroughs in the study of Tanakh. Beyond providing an eye-opening reading of a familiar biblical book, the author creatively demonstrates that midrashic readings can reveal deep strata of textual meaning, and combines these insights with classical and contemporary scholarship to uncover the religious messages of this beautifully crafted story. In Ruth: From Alienation and Monarchy, modern techniques of literary analysis and rabbinic homilies merge to yield common insights into themes such as leadership, redemption, identity, and social morality.
The Book of Ruth, with its focus on the exemplary behavior of Ruth and Boaz, stands at the crossroads between society’s downward trajectory during the era of the Judges and its ascent during the era of the monarchy. It teaches the timeless lesson of how two individuals can act in accordance with their own conscience and, through small acts of kindness and humanity, change the course of history and restore hope and unity to a nation. 

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Joshua - Michael HattinJoshua: The Challenge of the Promised Land, by Rav Michael Hattin '85Kollel

The Book of Joshua enumerates the great challenges faced by the ancient Israelites as they enter and settle their promised land, a lengthy process that ultimately takes hundreds of years. Exhausted from their forty-year journey in the desert, the people must overcome earlier failures, confront hostile coalitions on the battlefield, struggle with the inimical cultural values pervasive in Canaan, and make the difficult transition from a nomadic to a settled way of life. Difficult as this may sound, there is yet one burning issue that overshadows the whole enterprise: What are the hallmarks of successful leadership? For more information...


In His Mercy: Understanding the Thirteen Midot, by Rav Ezra Bick


in-his-mercy160x103Each year on Yom Kippur, fast days, and the days leading up to the High Holidays, Jews around the world recite the Thirteen Midot: “HaShem, HaShem, El Rahum veHanun, Erekh Apayim, veRav Hesed veEmet, Notzer Hesed laAlafim, Noseh Avon vaFesha veHata’a veNakeh.” In His Mercy examines the Thirteen Midot and their philosophical underpinnings through the lenses of the Talmud, the Midrash and major commentaries. It offers an insightful introduction, and concise, illuminating essays on each Mida. Based on a series of lectures given over twenty years by Rabbi Ezra Bick, a leading scholar at Israel’s Yeshivat Har Etzion, In His Mercy is the first English edition of this special work.

 Read a review by Har Etzion alumnus Dr. Aaron Segal '99 





By Faith Alone, The Story of Rabbi Yehuda Amital, by Elyashiv Reichner, translated by Elli Fischer,with an afterword by Aviad HaCohen


By_His_Faith160_By Faith Alone chronicles the inspiring life story of Israeli religious and political leader, Rabbi Yehuda Amital. From his Holocaust survival to his founding of Yeshivat Har Etzion, Rav Amital lived a life of deep faith, ethical responsibility and commitment to the spiritual flourishing of the individual. Read the story of an exceptional leader who influenced a generation. Published by Maggid/Koren in cooperation with Yeshivat Har Etzion.


To read a review by Alan Jay Garber


To read a review by Yehuda Mirsky - The Audacity of Faith



לעבדך באמת






Readers in ISRAEL can receive a further discount by ordering from



Mevakshei Phanecha (in Hebrew)(In Search of Your Presence)

- a series of edited transcripts of conversations between Rabbi Chaim Sabato and Rabbi Aaron Lichtenstein

To read a review

Seforim in English


By_His_Faith160_ RYA-Between160 RYA-World_Built160 RYA-Commitment_and_Complexity160 RYA-Jewish_Values160
By Faith Alone
Elyashiv Reichner
Between Religious Experienceand Religious Commitment - Five Addresses on Youth in Crisis
A World Built, Destroyed and Rebuilt - Rabbi Yehudah Amital's Confrontation with the Memory of the Holocaust
Moshe Maya
Commitment and Complexity
Rabbi Yehuda Amital
Jewish Values in a Changing World
Rabbi Yehuda Amital
Moses160 RAL-Varieties160x106 RAL-BHL RAL-Leaves2-160 RAL-Leaves160
Moses: Envoy of God
Envoy of His People
Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein
Varieties of Jewish Experience
Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
By His Light - Character and Values in the Service of God
Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
Leaves of Faith - The World of Jewish Learning
Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
Leaves of Faith - The World of Jewish Living
Rabbi Aharon Lichtenstein
Birkat_HaMazon-ryzrimon_100-150 footsteps160-rosenberg Genesis_160 poetry of prayer-web
Birkat HaMazon
Zemirot Shabbat
From Halachic Sources
to Practical Halacha
Rabbi Yosef Zvi Rimon
Footsteps of the Kuzari
Prof. Shalom Rosenberg
Genesis and
Jewish Thought
Rav Chaim Navon
The Poetry of Prayer
Tehillim in Tefillah
Rav Avi Baumol
Mussar for Moderns
Rabbi Elyakim Krumbein
2-fruit cover-web
web-meaning in mitzvot
Fresh Fruit and Vintage Wine
The Ethics and
Wisdom of the Aggada
Rav Yitzchak Blau
Hilchot Tefilla
A Guide to Daily Prayer
Rabbi David Brofsky
A Practical Guide to the
Laws of Kashrut
Rabbi Pinchas Cohen
Meaning in Mitzvot
2 volume set
Rabbi Asher Meir
The Jewish Ethicist
Rabbi Asher Meir
Alei Etzion
Volume 16

Special Edition in Honor of Harav Aharon Lichtenstein
In His Mercy:
Understanding the Thirteen Midot
Rabbi Ezra Bick
Torah MiEtzion
New Readings in Tanach - Bereshit
Yeshivat Har Etzion
Torah MiEtzion
New Readings in Tanach - Shemot
Yeshivat Har Etzion
Torah MiEtzion
New Readings in Tanach - Devarim
Yeshivat Har Etzion
hilkhot moadim - brofksy160
kings - alex israel160
Hilchot Moadim:
Understanding the Laws of the Festivals
Rav David Brofsky
I Kings:
Torn in Two
Rav Alex Israel
 Shemita: From the Sources to Practical Halakha
Rav Yosef Zvi Rimon
For Alei Etzion, an English Torah Journal produced by the Saks Leadership Program
Also available: Sefarim by the Rav zt"l, Rabbi Joseph B. Soloveitchik. For more info regarding English titles, go to the Koren website. For titles in hebrew, see Yediot Books.


Seforim in Hebrew


RYA-Resisei_Tal160 RYA-olam_banuy160 RYA-VeHaAretz_Natan160 RYA-Kol_Yehuda160 RYA-MiMaamakim160
רסיסי טל,חידושים,ביאורים ובירורים בעניינים שונים בהלכה
הרב יהודה עמיטל
עולם בנוי וחרב ובנוי, הרב יהודה עמיטל לנוכח זיכרון השואה
מאת משה מיה
והארץ נתן לבני אדם
הרב יהודה עמיטל
קול יהודה, אמרות והגיונות, לקוטות ופרפראות ממשנתו של הרב יהודה עמיטל
המעלות ממעמקים
הרב יהודה עמיטל
RYA-BeEmunato160 rya-leovdecha-fcover-web RYA-Between-heb160  ral-horayot160
באמונתו, סיפורו של הרב יהודה עמיטל

מאת אלישיב רייכנר
לעבדך באמת לדמותו ולדרכו של הרב יהודה עמיטל

עורכים: ראובן גפני
וראובן ציגלר
בין התחברות למחויבות
הרב יהודה עמיטל
להוריד קובץ

עת רצון
שיחות לימים הנוראים 

הרב יהודה עמיטל

שיעורי הרב אהרן

בבא מציעא השואל, בבא בתרא חזקת הבתים, פסחים
טהרות, הוריות
דינא דגרמי 
גיטין, זבחים


מנחה וזבח
עיונים בסוגיות יסוד בספר קדשים

הרב דניאל וולף

באור פניך יהלכון

הרב אהרן ליכטנשטיין
מידת הביטחון, שיחה שניתנה בעקבות מלחמת יום הכיפורים
הרב אהרן ליכטנשטיין
על לב אהרן, אמרות והגיונות, לקוטות ופרפראות מתורת מו"ר הרב אהרן ליכטנשטיין
מבקשי פניך, שיחות עם הרב אהרן ליכטנשטיין

מאת הרב חיים סבתו

מנחה לאהרן:
נושאים יסודיים בסדר נשים
הרב דניאל וולף
מנחה טהורה: סוגיות יסוד בסדר טהרות
הרב דניאל וולף
ציר וצאן
הרב משה ליכטנשטיין
מאמר יבמין
על מסכת יבמות
מאת כולל הגבוהה
מאמר הזבח
על מסכת זבחים
ומסכת חולין
מאת כולל הגבוהה
tikva_mimaamakim160x160-rym rym-daniel160 david_ubatsheva160x160-rym  RBG-tallelei shabbat160  RSL-Shaarei Ora2
תקוה ממעמקים
עיון במגילת רות
הרב יעקב מדן
דניאל: גלות והתגלות
הרב יעקב מדן
דוד ובת-שבע: החטא, העונש והתיקון
הרב יעקב מדן
טללי שבת
הרב ברוך גיגי
שערי אורה, הלכות נדה
הרב שלמה לוי
13-113x160 makbilot-rab160x160 nekudat-peticha160x160-rab web-rav shaviv chodesh book meor_hatorah160x160
י"ג מידות של רחמים
הרב עזרא ביק
מקבילות נפגשות: מקבילות ספרותיות בספר שמואל
הרב אמנון בזק
נקודת פתיחה: עיונים קצרים בפשוטה של פרשת השבוע
הרב אמנון בזק
לחדשיו יבכר
למהותם של חדשי השנה
הרב יהודה שביב
מאור התורה: עיון והעמקה בספר בראשית, שמות, ויקרא, במדבר, דברים
משה מושקוביץ
Tzava_-_Halacha_Mimkora_1_100-150 Birkat_HaMazon_hebrew_new_160x160-ryzrimon RYR-Shiurei_Hilchot_Shabbat160   tefilla_kemifgash-web
הלכה ממקורה צבא
כרך 1: הלכות יום יום
כרך 2: הלכות זמנים
מפורמט באופן מיוחד לחיילנו

הרב יוסף צבי רימון
ברכת המזון וזמירות שבת: הלכות, ביאורים, מבואות וחידות
הרב יוסף צבי רימון
שיעורי הלכות שבת, מן המקורות ועד להלכה למעשה
הרב יוסף צבי רימון
שואל כענייןעל מסכת גיטין, ועל מסכת קידושין
הרב אליקים קרומביין
תפילה כמפגש
מן המקורות
ועד להלכה למעשה
תלמידי הישיבה
אלי טרגין
ומיכאל רובנשטיין
עד היום הזה
הרב אמנון בזק
שמואל א 
מלך בישראל
הרב אמנון בזק
היא שיחתי
עורך: שוקי רייס
הרב יונתן גרוסמן 
הרב י"צ רימון
ראש השנה
ספר הראשון
בסדרת באר מרים, הסדרה לחגים
רבני הישיבה
ספר השני 
,בסדרת באר מרים
הסדרה לחגים
רבני הישיבה
ספר השלישי
בסדרת באר מרים
הסדרה לחגים
רבני הישיבה
יום הכיפורים
ספר הרביעי בסדרת באר מרים, הסדרה לחגים
רבני הישיבה 
For more information on these seforim,
see our publications page on the Hebrew website.