oldies2-webYeshivat Har Etzion, founded in 1968 in Gush Etzion, is one of Israel's outstanding institutions of advanced Torah study. The overall goal of the Yeshiva is to foster within each student Ahavat Hashem and a lifelong commitment to Talmud Torah, Am Yisrael and Eretz Yisrael. The Yeshiva bears a unique message: deep spirituality and intense religious striving, tempered with a message of moderation and openness.

Yeshivat Har Etzion is one of the largest Hesder Yeshivot in Israel, wherein students combine their army service with advanced Yeshiva study in a five-year program.  IYeshiva_Building-webn addition to the Israeli students, more than 120 students from overseas come for a year or two after high school to immerse themselves in the atmosphere of the Yeshiva, thriving on the warm camaraderie and open, challenging approach to learning. They come from North America, England, Belgium, South Africa, Brazil, Australia and other countries. Many return to the Yeshiva after university for further study, preparing to become community leaders, rabbis and Jewish educators through the Yeshiva's Kollel and its affiliated Herzog College.

For over three decades, the Yeshiva was headed by two of the most outstanding scholars and community leaders of our time - Harav Yehuda Amital and Harav Aharon Lichtenstein. Merging the best in traditional Jewish learning with a formidable grasp of the modern world, they aimed not to cloister but to communicate, to educate a new generation of teachers and leaders. In 2006, two distinguished alumni of the Yeshiva, Harav Yaakov Medan and Harav Baruch Gigi, were appointed as additional Roshei Yeshiva, ensuring the stability and vision of the Yeshiva as it transitions to a new generation of leadership. In Tishrei 2008, Harav Mosheh Lichtenstein joined as Rosh Yeshiva following Harav Amital's retirement.

The Israel Koschitzky Virtual Beit Midrash and KMTT (Ki Mitzion Teitze Torah) provide weekly text and audio shiurim in Tanach, Talmud, Halacha and Jewish Thought, to close to 20,000 subscribers worldwide, opening a wide window into the Beit Midrash.