I joined the Yeshiva in 1996, that year was a Shana M'Uberet and I got sick during the long winter zman. Ha'RAL was giving a sicha to the chutznikim and I wanted to take the opportunity of (finally) understanding him as he was speaking in English. During the sicha I felt faint and slowly stood up to get some air. I fainted and the next thing I recall was being spoken to by a Chovesh. The following Friday night I was given a note that Ha'RAL wanted to speak to me. He had worried the whole week about me, a shana Aleph boy and took time to encourage me to get more sleep and to take care of myself. Amongst the many talmidim and their needs, my health during that week was of concern to him. I will never forget that moment of tenderness that created a bridge between the great chasm that separated a new Talmid and the Rosh Yeshiva. His love for every talmid is something I have tried to emulate in my own teaching career.

Rabbi Benjy Rickman1996-2001